Our Philosophy

I believe that successful wealth management is about understanding and managing risk. I follow a disciplined wealth management process to assist clients in creating and protecting their wealth.

My investment strategies are based on the belief that the most effective way to control risk is through proper asset allocation and diversification. Instead of chasing past returns or speculating on hot markets, I focus on a long-term approach to investing with an emphasis on financial planning to help clients determine their financial needs and risk tolerance.

I reject investment strategies that seek gains through unsound or unproven methods, especially those that encourage a short-term, emotional view of investing. To implement my investment strategies, I seek out investment vehicles that are consistent in style, have reasonable costs, and are soundly operated. My investment strategies are customized to help clients minimize risk, pursue their dreams, and still leave a legacy.

With today’s information overload, it’s hard to decipher between “investment noise” and “sound investing”. New investments continually enter the marketplace in an effort to “sell” product. I am committed to educating clients on the difference between short-term "investment noise" and long-term "sound investing".

I operate under an open architecture in which I align myself with the best service providers. I have access to a broad universe of investment vehicles, managers and financial products and therefore able to select the best solutions for each client’s unique set of circumstances.

My investment philosophy incorporates the art of listening and the science of delivery. This begins by understanding our clients’ goals and objectives. Understanding yields little value if it is not complemented with precise implementation and ongoing monitoring. My knowledge of and experience in both bull and bear market environments help us provide clients the tools they need to make prudent investment decisions.

I research and recommend only the securities and products I feel are most appropriate and suitable for my clients. My philosophy is simple, “clients first, products second”. I sell relationships…not products.