Our Process

The investment process affords you access to the knowledge, resources and experience of professional investment managers while you receive ongoing guidance from me — your investment adviser representative. I will employ a five-step process that identifies your goals, constructs an appropriate strategy, implements the investment plan and periodically monitors it for effectiveness through market cycles.

I follow certain standards of conduct while managing your portfolio. Such standards can include offering diversification, analyzing risk and returns, avoiding expenses that are not justified by your needs, and delegating duties where specialized assistance is needed.

The goals and needs of each client are unique. Investment returns and time horizons that you desire can be quite different from those of other clients. The general process that we will walk through together includes:

(1) Discovery Meeting

I can guide you through a series of questions that can help clarify your current financial position, investment goals and outlook. This evaluation also gives you a complete picture of your risk tolerance, time horizon and cash flow needs.

(2) Establish Objectives

Then, I will create an Investment Policy Statement, which outlines how your account should be managed. This document usually summarizes risk tolerance, time horizon, asset allocation, fund selection and the rebalancing criteria by which your accounts are managed. This can serve as your blueprint for potential investment success.

(3) Set Strategy

When your investment objectives are clear, I can develop possible investment allocation strategies. Strategies are selected for optimal asset allocation,* which can be the most important decision affecting your long-term investment performance. How assets are dispersed among various asset classes can have more impact on performance than the selection of a specific mutual fund, stock or bond within an asset class.

(4) Implement Solutions

With a wide range of investments in a flexible investment platform, I will customize your portfolio by assisting you in selecting suitable investments such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), stocks and bonds.

(5) Review Progress

I can also provide a periodic portfolio review that encompasses investment objectives and portfolio performance to help ensure that progress is being made toward your original goals.

* Asset allocation, which is driven by complex mathematical models, should not be confused with the much simpler concept of diversification. Asset allocation does not assure a profit and does not protect against loss.

Working Together To Pursue Your Dreams

Planning and investing can be complex. As a financial advisor, I have the tools and solutions to help you to establish a personalized plan to increase your probability of success. You may need a personalized level of service to help you answer some of these questions about your investments goals:

  • Do you want to start building a portfolio and planning for the future?
  • Can you use your assets to send your children to private school or college?
  • Do you need guidance on how to manage your investments to potentially retire at 65?
  • Do you know how much money you will need to fund the retirement lifestyle of your dreams?
  • Is it possible to do all of the above and still buy that vacation home you’ve always wanted?

I can provide you with the tools that can help you answer life’s very important questions. Together, we will work to define your priorities, develop a plan to work towards them and monitor progress toward your goals.

How We Work Together

Your investment goals are truly unique. As a financial advisor, I work with you to build a financial plan that’s tailored to your needs. We’ll put together the "big picture" that helps solve the puzzle which is built around a holistic plan for managing your wealth. There are multiple tools to use for every job, and I can provide you with a variety of services to address different investment needs.