Account Review Process

Account Review Process

The review meeting is an opportunity to deliver on my promise to provide long-term financial planning.  It should take approximately 30 minutes to one hour.  The review meeting may be similar to an initial interview in terms of the "discovery process" that I conduct with my clients.  In the review meeting, it is critical that I reconfirm or update my clients' goals and identify any changes in their financial situation that may warrant adjustments to their overall financial plan.

Some examples of changes in personal events to be discussed may include, but are not limited to, births, college entrance/graduation, preschool starting/ending, private primary/secondary school fees, bonuses, pay raises, promotions, job change/termination, death, inheritance, annual gift giving, loans being paid off, CDs/Bonds maturing, marriage/divorce, retirement, payouts from trust, and gifts received annually.

Overall, the goal of the meeting is to review each one of the six areas of financial planning (Cash Flow Analysis, Risk Management & Insurance, Investment Planning, Tax Planning Strategies, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning) as well as provide answers to the following questions for my clients:

▪ Where was I? ▪ Where am I now? ▪ How am I doing? ▪ Am I on track to achieve my goals? ▪

▪ How has my portfolio performed over the past several years? ▪ Is my portfolio properly diversified? ▪

▪ What income am I receiving from my portfolio (if applicable)? 

These questions will help focus the meeting on financial planning and the clients' progress toward their existing and/or new goals.  A successful client review meeting will result if my clients feel security in their financial goals and working with me.

Additionally, a portfolio review will analyze the following areas of a client’s account:  Performance versus Benchmarks; Asset Allocation Analysis; Estimated Monthly Cash-Flow Analysis, Tax Summary Overview, and Unrealized Gain/Loss by Investments.

My goal is that every advisory client receives four contacts each year.  A contact can be a face-to-face meeting, a telephone call, mailing, or email.  At a minimum, each account will receive a formal annual review via a face-to-face meeting or phone call.