Our Practice

Who We Are

We are wealth advisors, primarily suited for a select group of successful individuals and families, with a minimum of $250k in investable assets, who embrace the benefits of financial planning and comprehensive wealth management. They desire professional guidance to help them identify any gaps that would leave their families unprotected in their absence. Together, we create their financial roadmap which provides a holistic view of their financial picture and tracks the progress towards their goals. We stress the importance of organizing their finances today to reduce estate planning issues in the future.

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What We Do

We help clients work through a discovery process to identify short-term and long-term goals that are most important to them and their family. We develop a strategic plan, their financial roadmap, for how to accomplish those goals.

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How We Do It

We regularly review the progress and help clients anticipate any needed adjustments. Our firm has developed a tool, the Beneficiary Bridge, identifying multiple wealth management areas we have found are most important for our clients. The Beneficiary Bridge helps us navigate important planning issues along the way.

We provide clients with real-time access to their interactive financial plan. Our Client Wealth Management Portal provides a holistic view of their financial picture and tracks the progress towards their goals. We only use technology to enhance our services and not as a substitute for personal communication with our clients.

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Why We Do It

Our select clients are busy with other aspects of their life than the management of their finances. Our passion is to help them integrate the separate pieces of their financial lives into a comprehensive wealth management plan. They seek a personalized communication plan, to provide them information they need to make prudent decisions, protect their interests, and achieve the life they desire. Our commitment is to always be responsive and accessible.

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