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We Are Independent But Not Alone

Being independent allows us to offer objective advice to our clients, but we have also come to understand that being independent does not mean being alone.

We are members of Integrated Financial Group (IFG), a consortium of independent LPL financial advisors from across the country. This Consortium—or group—of expertise is called the Brain Trust.

Carver Capital's affiliation with this professional group is invaluable; it gives us access to a network of talented, like-minded peers who share strategies, best practices and advice. Our clients benefit from the collective expertise of the Brain Trust in addition to our personalized financial planning approach.

To learn more about Integrated Financial Group (IFG) and the Brain Trust, see below.

Integrated Financial Group (IFG)

Empowering Independent Advisors to Reach Their Full Potential

Integrated Financial Group (IFG) is a consortium of independent financial planners from across the country who believe in the power of collective resources to better serve their clients. 

Founded in 2003, IFG planner members form the Brain Trust, where we share our professional wisdom and perspectives within the group.  On a day-to-day basis, IFG’s distinctive culture fosters advisor engagement, collaboration, and growth.  

We built the Brain Trust on the belief that our peers are our most valuable teachers. Through our Annual Retreat, MasterMind Groups, and an environment that promotes peer-to-peer interaction, IFG Independent Financial Planners are empowered by each other to hone their skills and ultimately, grow their businesses.

For more information about Integrated Financial Group (IFG), visit https://integrated-financial-group.com.

To learn more about the IFG Support Team, go to https://integrated-financial-group.com/about-ifg/

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